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Want to Work in Australia?

If you are considering relocating to Australia or New Zealand to live and work you may find the following information will assist you in evaluating your options. Please note that the information provided has been specifically tailored to those coming from the UK.  However, if you are from another country you should also find this information useful as a general guide.  

We would also encourage you to contact your local Australian High Commission or Consular Office for more specific and relevant information.

 Australia – the “Lucky Country”

Australia is a vibrant and diverse country with a thriving economy and a population of over 20 million people.

Despite the lure of beautiful beaches and better climate, it is Australia’s relaxed lifestyle and relatively high standard of living that seems to appeal to most people.  For example the cost of living alone in Australia is approximately one third that of England.

Although the recruitment consulting industry in Australia is smaller than in the UK, there is a wide array of opportunities to earn excellent incomes depending on your area of specialisation and expertise.


Australian seasons are the complete opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere:

Spring - Sept to Nov
Summer - Dec to Feb
Autumn - Mar to May
Winter - Jun to Aug

A word of warning - the sun in Australia can be very fierce, so if you plan on arriving in the summer time, pack plenty of high factor sun cream and wear a hat and T-shirt.


If you do not have an Australian passport and you are not a permanent resident, you will require sponsorship in order to work in Australia.  Normally, candidates arrive on a working holiday visa (this is only granted to those under the age of 30) and this will enable you to work for up to six months for an employer, before having the opportunity to apply for a 457 visa. The 457 visa is effectively a four year working visa which can ultimately lead to permanent residence status, and thereafter citizenship.

If you are not arriving on a working holiday visa, then the sponsorship application needs to be lodged as soon as an offer of employment has been made.  This can take anywhere from eight to 12 weeks to process and will depend on the volume of applications that are lodged with the Immigration Office, at the time.

It is important to note that there are some conditions attached to a 457 visa.  For example, if you leave the sponsoring company within the first 12 months you may forfeit the sponsorship fee the company has paid on your behalf (approximately AU$3,500.00).  Furthermore, you will only have 28 days to secure an alternative position with another company or you will have to leave the country. 

In other words, it is important that you make the right decision the first time around in your company of choice.  With our knowledge of the market and our relationships with our clients we feel confident that we can assist you with this important decision!

For up to date information on visas and classifications we recommend you visit the Department of Immigration’s website – http://www.immi.gov.au/ This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Some of our clients do sponsor employees from overseas directly, and some elect to use a third party.  In either case, it is worth knowing what is involved.  Incidentally, recruitment companies, generally, will not charge you a fee for the sponsorship process.


Generally speaking, taxes are high in Australia. To get a better understanding of your potential tax liabilities, we suggest that you visit the Australian Taxation Office website and use the calculator to determine the amount. 



Our website has a dedicated survey of what you can expect to earn in
Australia in relation to your years of recruitment experience and the sector in which you have worked.  The information is based on current market indicators and should only be used as a guide.


How we can work with you

We deal with a large number of recruitment clients who range from specialist boutique companies to large international recruitment agencies.  We have a thorough understanding of the various commission structures and the differing training and development programs that are offered by our clients, and we can assist you to make an informed decision which will align your career aspirations with the best company in the market for your needs.

NB: We only deal with ‘Employers of Choice’.

Rosemary Scott has interviewed some candidates who have made the change from UK To Australia and these are their experiences


Scott is an interesting example as he is a 457 Brit who has worked here very successfully  for nearly  5 years.  In this time he has married and had 2 children, however has decided to go back to the UK for family reasons.
This is his experience of working in Australia as interviewed by Rosemary Scott FRCSA (Life) MD of Scott Recruitment Services.

RS: Where were you located prior to coming to Australia?

SDB: I was working in Quatar on a contract basis. I had come out there from the UK, worked for a Telco, who needed overseas experienced talent. Also worked for PEARL GTL, which was a Shell backed large construction project also on a contract basis.

I met my wife to be at that time, although I was going to start a business there we decided to come to Australia.

RS: What brought you to Australia?

SDB: I didn’t like the Middle East culturally e.g. I had to get permission to leave the country. I didn’t want UK as I was tired of the rat race there. I left there in the first place as I didn’t want to continue in transactional type business. I needed my career to move forward. In the UK  one was promoted due to billing levels, which was very contingency orientated. I wanted more to experience a search type of business.

I had heard Australia was a booming market and the industry here was short skilled.

RS: How did you start your career in Australia?

SDB: I contacted you Rosemary in Brisbane at Scott Recruitment. After a lengthy phone interview, when you found out my requirements  you arranged about 6/7 interviews in Brisbane, which included Tanner Menzies and Cadden Crowe, which were the two I was interested in pursuing. I interviewed with them in Brisbane and then came down to Sydney to meet the principals. I decided then that I wanted to work in Brisbane and met with Scott Roberts the GM in Brisbane of Cadden Crowe. Although TM offered me more money and a more senior position I decided to go with Cadden Crowe as I recognised I needed a mentor and Scott Roberts could provide that for me. I started there as Team Leader of Energy and Engineering with a couple of consultants, who were not suitable. My goal was to get Cadden Crowe into other markets in Brisbane as they were mainly mining. Also to get them into contingency work in engineering. I personally billed $490,000 in 9 months and built the team to 4/5 consultants. Engineering contributed 40% of the revenue of CC Brisbane that year, which was  up from 10% from the previous FY.

This assisted them to move away from the vulnerability in a mining freeze as the GFC hit and mining stopped, whereas  Engineering kept going.

Due to my success in Brisbane, Rubicor, who had acquired Cadden Crowe, (they  are a PLC) promoted me to Principal/GM for Sydney. I realised that the Brisbane market was relatively quiet and I needed to come to a larger market which Sydney could provide. I have found the Sydney life fantastic. The Sydney market is also closer to the UK market e.g. you can put together a deal over the phone rather than a lot of “handshaking” going on, which is generally the case in the other states.

I moved to Sydney in March 2009, which was the middle of the GFC.

In the second FY we lost a couple of people to promotional opportunities and I struggled to replace them. We achieved the Cadden Crowe budget for the year with only 5/8 people and I was also billing myself.

I also helped to create  a major projects division in the mining area in NSW. I won 3 major projects myself as well as some minor projects. These helped the billings enormously.

In July of 2011 I was asked to develop a new part of the business called Major Projects Nationally to all industries. This has involved assessment centres, behavioural interviewing, individualised to particular clients. E.g. delivered on a new mine for Exstrata and another for a mining manufacturing business.

It has been a matter of re-educating the clients to see Cadden Crowe as a volume Recruiter which it has never been in the past.

RS: So Scott what have you gained from this experience in Australia?

SDB: This experience has been fantastic, it has helped my career grow much faster than in the UK.

It has helped particularly in educating me in different ways of communicating across different nationalities. You cannot talk “tough” here, you have to be aware, as you will get direct and solid feedback as people here will not tolerate aggressive behaviour.

Australia offers a great lifestyle and financial rewards. Although it is now the most expensive country now to live in, with Sydney at the top end. However it is all relative as the earnings here are superior to UK.

RS: Scott I understand you are returning to the UK, why is that?

SDB: My wife and I now have 2 young children, we are a long way from the rest of our families. We have no support network here. I have spent a lot of time at work and have neglected my social life, which has affected us both. Our families are putting pressure on us to go home. My wife is an only child, so she wants to return.

However I would thoroughly recommend to young people and those with an established family to improve their life that they give Australia a go. I will not return to live in London it will be  back to the country and a small village.

We have felt safer in Australia generally. If one is an outdoor person the lifestyle here is phenomenal e.g. great beaches. We have no regrets about our time here. It has been close to 5 years and one day I would consider returning. I have not regretted this experience at all and would encourage others to do the same, whether it be for a 4/5 year term like myself or to come permanently.

RS: Thank you Scott for your time and insights and good luck with the rest of your career.

International interview with Haydon Crawford.

Hayden moved out to Australia, Perth, about 2 years ago with his partner to join his family who were already here.

Rosemary Scott: Where were you in the UK prior to coming to Australia?

HC: I had my own recruitment  business mainly placing  web based IT roles, web designers and developers. Some International placements. It was permanent only. It was just myself and my partner doing the back end admin.

RS: What brought you here?

HC: I came over in 2000 with my mother and she married an Aussie. I have always wanted to come here, but it took a long time was I am in a same-sex relationship and we wanted to come out on a permanent visa, this took 3 years to process. My sister came out 5 years ago and is a teacher. Reasons were for lifestyle. We decided on Perth as I had fallen in love with the place when I came out before. Also my family live in Perth.

RS: How did you achieve your position here and what sort of role is it?

HC: I am a Senior Consultant with the Brooklyn Group in IT Recruitment, filling non-technical roles in Perm and contract.
I sent my resume out to several firms 18 months previously before arriving. Bunty Paramor, (who is the director in our Perth office)  went above and beyond  the call of duty to assist me, she kept in touch with me throughout that period and then organised 3 appointments for me although I only needed to attend two and knew Brooklyn was the right one. She even escorted me to their office so I didn’t get lost. I have been there for 2 years now.

RS: How has your carer developed here?

HC: I thought I knew it all having been in recruitment for 8 years, however it has been a big learning curve in regards to doing  things properly, building relationships with clients and candidates.

When I came out here I was going to do something else apart from recruitment as I didn’t really enjoy it in the UK and really only saw a it as a way of earning money. I enjoy it here far more than the UK. There is a lot more respect from clients and not so much competition here. I have now regained my faith  in Recruitment. It is more professional here. My boss is the best recruiter in Perth, so a lot of this is down to the Brooklyn Group.

RS: What is your opinion of  Perth and Australia?

HC: I cannot fault it, the weather is the best. Lifestyle is superb. Opportunities here are better. People are content and happy. I adore the whole region of W.A.. The restaurants are great, beaches immaculate and the ocean is clear and warm.

My partner has settled into life here, he is in reservations with an Eco Lodge, taking bookings. He’s never been happier, he works regular hours and has respect from his peers. We are both healthy. There are no issues about being in a same-sex relationship, although we don’t do the “gay scene”. We are totally accepted at both work and socially.

RS: Are you pleased you made the decision to come here?

HC: Very pleased no regrets we are genuinely happy.

Culturally we don’t miss anything as we have both travelled extensively previously. We didn’t enjoy the hectic pace of London, Perth is like a big country town.

RS: Do you intend returning to the UK?

HC: No! Not even for a holiday. Only way I will go back is in a box!

I would recommend others to come out here, if thinking about it, just do it. Only regret I have is not doing it before.
Finally I would just like to say I had a great experience with Bunty and would class her as a friend now.

RS: Thanks Hayden for your time and sharing your experience with us.

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