Management Consulting

As the industry specialists, Scott Recruitment Services both appreciates and understands the challenges facing recruitment companies in the Australian market.

As part of our partnering programme, we can assist you with the more delicate aspects of running a successful recruitment company and therefore allow you to concentrate on the really important issues such as direction, growth and market leadership.

Areas where we help make the difference for recruitment companies:

  • Staff Performance Issues

In today's current candidate-driven market it makes sense to hold on to the consultants you have, even if they are not performing up to expectations.   But how do you address this situation without alienating your staff?

Scott Recruitment Services can provide you with a neutral third party who will assist both you and your staff member/s to evaluate their performance and provide practical guidance on ways to reach mutually agreed outcomes with the minimum amount of disruption to workflow and other staff members.   Of course, if we believe the situation is unsalvageable for both parties, we will make the necessary recommendations and assist with the exit process if desired.

  • Exit Interviews

In order to address the high turnover of staff within the recruitment industry, currently at 40%, Scott Recruitment Services offers exit interviews as part of our service. If a candidate placed by Scott Recruitment Services leaves within the guarantee period, this service may be extended to the clients at no cost.  In other instances a service charge will be applied.

  • Partnership Conflicts

Without doubt, unresolved conflict between business partners can render mortal wounds to even the most successful recruitment company.  Regardless of how untenable the situation may seem, Scott Recruitment Services, will assist you and your partner/s to address concerns and identify solutions in a consultative non-threatening and unbiased approach.

  • Staff and Management Conflict

This can be one of the most damaging in terms of staff morale and reduced productivity.  Scott Recruitment Services can assist by reopening the lines of communication between staff and management whilst addressing the concerns of both parties and providing mutually beneficial outcomes.

  • Business Direction

Guiding your business through the minefield of constantly advancing technology, global partnering and general industry growth whilst generating a profit, can seem daunting regardless of company size and focus. Scott Recruitment Services is able to assist you with developing a realistic strategy to ensure that you are never out of step with current trends.

  • Staff Salaries and Commission Structures

Scott Recruitment Services is ideally placed to advise you on staff remuneration and assist you in implementing cost effective reward structures designed to bring the best out in your consultants. We conduct Salary Surveys on a regular basis and constantly up date the results on this web site.

For a confidential discussion with a consultant, please call your nearest Scott Recruitment Services office.

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